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RC Stockcars come in either gas or electric classes (however, there is only the electric class Stockcars at RCS at this time). The Stockies are a 1/10th scale version of the real world variant seen at most New Zealand speedways, complete with the bashing and crashing, broken cars and smoked motors.

Unlike most other classes of RC racing, RC Stockcar rules allow full contact - in fact it is encouraged. This is not to say it is simply a demolition derby, using race tactics and teams is also encouraged, with cars either blocking or running depending on the strengths of the car.

The Stockcars are generally made with a 1/10th scale touring 'donor' car as the running gear which is mounted to a custom made alloy base plate and full metal frame. This allows the cars to give and take the bash without too much damage to the running gear - although repairs between races is commonplace.
Most Stockcars are doped up to the nines with alloy hop up parts, superstock motors and high performance ECS's, to give extra strength to the running gear and to cope with the extra weight of the metal frames, so are generally referred to as Super Stocks.

Modeled on the real Stockcars, the 1/10th metal frames or 'chassis' come in a variety of types like the spaceframe and the tank, and like the real thing, they are tough. Some people opt to make their own chassis while others buy pre built chassis from the various chassis builders around New Zealand.

Since it's introduction the Stockcar class of RC has taken off like wild fire and RC Stockcar clubs are springing up all over New Zealand, with National champs and other inter club competitions becoming more regular. RC Stockcar racing is also a great spectator sport, lets face it we all love a good crash!
So if 1/10th scale Stockcar racing sounds like fun to you why not go out to your local RC Stockcar club and enjoy a days bashing and crashing, who knows, like many others around New Zealand, you might just get the RC Stockcar bug.

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Stockcars Rules

From the The New Zealand Radio Control Assocation (NZRCA) RULE BOOK (Speedway)

Download or View the official NZRCA Speedway Stockcar Rules by clicking the pdf icon above.

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