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A relatively new 'full contact' RC class (introduced mid to late 2008) - the Streetstocks, like the real world variant, are designed to be an entry level class, or feeder class.
Since it's conception the Streetstock class has gained a rapid following among the RC Stockcar Clubs in New Zealand, where Streetstock races are usally held in between the Stockcar races on race days.

Being a feeder class, the running gear of the 'donor' car must be keep as stock standard, no hop up parts, superstock motors or motor modifications are permited, thus keeping starting cost down compared to a competitive Stockcar.
This allows for tight racing for beginners and experienced racers alike, with only your skills, tire choice and the weight of the cars being any different (max weight permited being 3kg).

Body choice and build materials are open and the 6mm bar work is optional, so you could even come out with a standard touring car with a polycarb body and race in a Streetstock race (your car would take a hammering, but you could do it in theory).
Most of the current RC Streetstock sedan or station wagon bodies are made from mild gauge steel that become dented and scratched up just like the real Streetstocks adding to the fun factor. Bodies can be any sedan or station wagon, currently most are based on old 6 cylinder cars seen racing at actual New Zealand Speedways such as Valiants, Holdens and Fords.

Streetstocks are definitely a fun class, and relatively easy and cheap to get started in, with the option of fabricating your own body (you can even make one out of an old computer case), or buying a pre built one from a Streetstock body maker.
These cars are alot of fun to race and are an awesome addition to the RC Stockcar Club scene in New Zealand.

Interested? Click the Trade Me logo to see who's selling a RC Streetstock right now, or build your own, see the specs below.

Streetstock Rules

From the The New Zealand Radio Control Assocation (NZRCA) RULE BOOK (Speedway)

Download or View the official NZRCA Speedway Streetstock Rules by clicking the pdf icon above.

You will require Adobe Reader to view the rulebook.
This is available for free from the Adobe website.
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